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The Isaiah Hall Inn is a historic Colonial Era House, built in 1857. Local ordinances regulate buildings over 100 years old. Significant alterations would impact the historic features of the property and necessary changes to provide accessibility are not achievable. We therefore do not have a fully ADA compliant room at the inn.

The Inn has many stairs outside and within the building. We do not have an elevator. The stairs to the second level of the Main House are steep. There is also a two-step level drop between the Main House and the Carriage House. These features provide complications for wheelchair access and may provide some restriction to certain guests depending on physical abilities.

We have listed the location of all rooms on our website so guest will be fully aware when they are selecting a room on the second floor with steep staircase. We will communicate accessibility specifics when details are requested.

Please note the following when assessing whether our Inn is suitable for your needs:

  • Three guest rooms on the second floor of the Main House with Colonial Era Staircase (steep). Room 3, Room 4 and Room 5
  • Three guest rooms on the second floor of the Carriage House with carpeted Staircase (normal). Room 8, Room 9 and Room 10
  • No Elevator available
  • Gravel parking lot to the entrance of the Inn

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